Mathematics is a parent subject for physical sciences and it stands in a position that one cannot disregard the prominence of it in the world. Technological advancement today would not have been possible without mathematical knowledge. Mathematical application sharpens the brain & develops logical reasoning among students. Hence we have taken great care in recruiting the best faculty, who are experts in imparting systematic training in the subjects encouraging students to have logical thinking. Most of our Graduates from this Department are placed in reputed organizations within the country & abroad. The faculty members conduct regular seminars & help students get knowledge in mathematical application. Maths is a indispensable subject. Our students Neethu Singh & Saroja lakshmi got Osmania Gold Medals by topping the Merits charts in Maths. We also train students to get analytical, Computational & problem solving skills.

Statistics deals with data collection & analysis. This subject has a powerful application in many contexts & disciplines. No country can work without knowing the techniques of studying data. The Department of Statistics is established to provide exciting academic learning facilities at U G level. The Department has some of the best lecturers, who incessantly organize many orientation programmes for strengthening the fundamentals & advance knowledge in the subject. We have talented & enthusiastic students, who are excelling in the subject.

Our Electronics & Physics Departments are equipped with committed & experienced faculty. The faculty members not only explain the subject related aspects completely in class room but also help students gain practical knowledge by conducting sufficient practicals in lab. The Department also takes up several extension lectures, Science exhibitions, seminars, Quiz & debate competitions to encourage active participation of the students. This knowledge is helping students to get good ranks in P.G. Entrance examinations.

Chemistry covers matter-physical & chemical properties, chemical composition & its changes. It is a very useful & dynamic subject that reaches out to every aspect of our lives. It is this chemical knowledge that has revolutionized the growth of Man, providing more comforts’ Modern chemistry gives plastics, fuels, Metal alloys, fertilizers, Building Materials, Drugs, energy sources etc. Our drudgery life has drastically changed by the new innovations& advances in the chemical applications. The department has eminent & experienced faculty, who are rendering great service in moulding the minds of students to the more challenging fields of Chemistry. We take pride that the department has came into being since the inception. The faculty members from this department are contributing greatly in the modifications of the Department since the beginning. Lab activity is encouraged a long with the curriculum. The Department is supported by the state-of-the art lab equipment.

Siddhartha has the state-of-the-art laboratory in Computer Science. The lab provides high end systems with all the necessary softwares. The unlimited internet facility both broadband and wireless helps the students to work conveniently for all their academic and organizational needs. The computer lab not only caters to the needs of the university curriculum, but also to organize summer projects, student assignments and seminar. Computers are accommodated in 4 labs, containing 400 systems totally.

Microbiology, the study of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and viruses, plays an enormous role in many areas of society and our daily lives. From the study of emerging infectious diseases to biotechnology, microbiology plays a vital role in basic and applied science. There are abundant career opportunities in microbiology, and microbiology major is an outstanding major for students interested in course. The microbiology department of SIDDHARTHA is a well equipped facility covering all microbiological test systems for quality control of raw materials, finished products and the validation of the production process. Furthermore, a broad range of studies for the product development e.g. preservative testing, infection studies as well as the determination of antimicrobial efficacy are available.

The laboratory course has been designed basically to make familiar with various experimental techniques used in the synthesis, qualitative, quantitative analysis of different chemical compounds such as Titrimetry, gravimetry, chromatography, instrumentation etc., and the principles & fundamentals involved. And also the demonstration experiments, where the student is enlightened with the latest techniques and the principles behind them. Qualitative analysis deals about the stepwise procedures that may be used to identify an unknown compound using classical methods where the physical tests, elementary analysis, solubility tests and procedural details of qualitative analysis are performed. Identification and characterization of the structure of unknown substances constitute vital part of chemistry. Introduction into this area is provided by a study of qualitative analysis.

The backbone of any country lies in its commerce. There is growing demand for commerce courses among students. To cater to the needs of students we are offering B.Com (Computers) & B.Com (Regular) focusing on developing strong subject base for our students. Within a short span the department has grown to be the biggest one in the college with 15 faculty & 1200 students. CA foundation & CPT training is also given to the aspirants. It’s a prestigious endeavour on our part that this departments is adding laurels to the success story of college. Our student R. Dharini of B.Com has bagged 2nd rank in Osmania University. This proves the efforts & hard work of our faculty.

The English Department has a major role to play in shaping the young minds with needed communication & soft skills. Good communication skill is the best requisite needed in the present scenario to get jobs in the Multi National Companies. Through literature & language development the faculty opens to the students new avenues. Innovation teaching techniques supported by computer based training is igniting student’s mind towards self expression & personality development. Apart from regular syllabus teaching, the department organizes. Debates, Group discussion, general topic presentations, mock interviews & literary competitions to make students more expressive & Creative. The Department contains efficient & experienced trainers.

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