Siddhartha has the state-of-the-art laboratory in Computer Science. The lab provides high end systems with all the necessary softwares. The unlimited internet facility both broadband and wireless helps the students to work conveniently for all their academic and organizational needs. The computer lab not only caters to the needs of the university curriculum, but also to organize summer projects, student assignments and seminar. Computers are accommodated in 4 labs, containing 400 systems totally.


The laboratory course has been designed basically to make familiar with various experimental techniques used in the synthesis, qualitative, quantitative analysis of different chemical compounds such as Titrimetry, gravimetry, chromatography, instrumentation etc., and the principles & fundamentals involved. And also the demonstration experiments, where the student is enlightened with the latest techniques and the principles behind them. Qualitative analysis deals about the step wise procedures that may be used to identify an unknown compound using classical methods where the physical tests, elementary analysis, solubility tests and procedural details of qualitative analysis are performed. Identification and characterization of the structure of unknown substances constitute vital part of chemistry. Introduction into this area is provided by a study of qualitative analysis.


The lab caters to the needs of B.Sc Physics students. The laboratory is categorized to the experiments Mechanics, Optics, Electricity, Magnetism and electronics. The labs are well equipped with instruments like sonometer for measurement of velocity of sound and verification of laws of vibrating strings, electrically vibrated tuning fork to perform Melde’s experiment, compound pendulum, flywheel, traveling microscopes and other supportive experiments required for doing experiments in sound and Mechanics. The laboratory also consists of spectrometers, telescopes, sodium vapour lamps, Mercury lamps, diffraction grating, prisms etc to do optics experiments and modern physics experiments, B-H curve, electrical kettle, Lee’s experiment, Digital Experiments.


The Department of Electronics maintains spacious well-equipped electronics labs. The experiments related to Circuit Analysis, Electronic Devices, Analog Circuits, Digital electronics, Microprocessor, Embedded eysle and Communications are performed in the laboratory. The laboratiry is well equipped with advanced apparatus like signal generators and DC regulated power supplies with digital display, digital multimeters, Cathode ray Oscilloscopes, microprocessor and microcontroller kits with accessories like stepper motor, DAC and ADC etc, analog and digital logic trainer kits with inbuilt RPS and pulser of different clock frequencies.


Microbiology, the study of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and viruses, plays an enormous role in many areas of society and our daily lives. From the study of emerging infectious diseases to biotechnology, microbiology plays a vital role in basic and applied science. There are abundant career opportunities in microbiology, and microbiology major is an outstanding major for students interested in course. The microbiology department of SIDDHARTHA is a well equipped facility covering all microbiological test systems for quality control of raw materials, finished products and the validation of the production process. Furthermore, a broad range of studies for the product development e.g. preservative testing, infection studies as well as the determination of antimicrobial efficacy are available.

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