Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to Education is the most valued and essential ingredient for economic and social and overall development of the Nation. Higher Education must acquire top priority in the national agenda.Every human endeavor needs enlightenment and quality human resource. We intend to provide value based education through our training to empower youth with self discipline, self reliance, sense of personal responsibility and work ethics.

Our Mission is to train our students with principles of fair play, justice and accountability. Education must give us social character, love for poor, civility, courage, compassion and conviction.


Siddhartha dedicates itself for this noble cause and delivers your hopes. Our major focus would be on career development of the students by imparting necessary training to acquire and update knowledge and learn new skills through our educational programs, innovative teaching, with a professional focus and accent on application, ultimately to enable them to obtain employment or to be successful entrepreneurs equality is also our major concern.

The well being of under-privileged, under-represented and disadvantaged groups of our society in the main stream of university education is our high priority Agenda. The Management, the principal, faculty and institution, channelizes its human, financial and physical resources towards fulfillment of out mission objectives, achieving excellence and producing quality human resource. Siddhartha symbolizes a rare blend of ancient culture and Renaissance, marching a head, with these mission objectives towards Quality & Excellence.

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